Colorado author Bob Richardson has written a book about the mountain areas around Berry Creek, which is available for purchase.

The book "Bidwell Bar and Beyond" has a Perfect Binding or "soft cover." It is in an 8.5 x 11 inch format with a color cover and black and white interior photos.  There are 16 sections plus a full map in the back.  There are 252 pages, 186 pictures, 5 additional maps, 469 footnotes, and a full 5 page index.  It covers the general history of the mountain area and around 150 families.  There are a limited number that will be printed.

The sections are: Introduction, Roads, Schools, Logging, Mining, Farming, Ranching, Bidwell Bar, Jacks Ranch, Harts Mill, Berry Creek, Bald Rock, Brush Creek, Mountain House, Merrimac, and Buckeye.

The books sells for $30 + $4 shipping and handling.  Payment can be sent to:

Bob Richardson

3133 Wheeling St., Aurora, CO 80011

Please note in the payment if you'd like your copy signed by the author.

The author can also be contacted at either, or 303.344.4470.